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The iconic football legend, renowned for his illustrious player and managerial career, serves as a cornerstone in the development and operation of JT7Group.With Kenny as a guiding force and role model, the company aims to empower clients and partners to maximize their full potential. 

Sir Kenny Dalglish

JT7Group is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Kohlbecker, a renowned German master planning and architectural firm, for the development of the ZPTM project in Abu Dhabi and potential future expansions worldwide. 

JT7Group + Kohlbecker

JT7Group is thrilled to unveil ZIPR Nexus, a pioneering project that marks a significant leap in digital data management. Inspired from cutting-edge concepts in digital autonomy, ZIPR Nexus is set to redefine the digital landscape.

ZIPR Nexus

A multidisciplinary partner in sports and tech - fueled by a genuine passion for supporting our clients and partners to become their best.



The ZPTM is a pioneering concept that interweaves the physical prowess of the ZPTM Academy, the digital immersion of the ZPTM Metasports, and the extraordinary positive living of the ZPTM Residentials. 

This trinity harmonizes elite sports education with advanced metaverse experiences and upscale living, cultivating a community where athletes, students, and families thrive within a dynamic, supportive environment. 


ZIPR is an innovative platform leveraging web3 technologies to revolutionize personal data management. It provides users with autonomy over their digital identities and information, integrating seamlessly with major online services while ensuring privacy and control. This groundbreaking system shifts the power dynamics in the data economy, offering a transparent, user-driven approach to digital interaction.


ZIPR NEXA is a seasoned global web3 team skilled in blending technology and creativity for business optimization. Specializing in web3 tools, APIs, and programming languages, our developers offer versatile services across industries, from business modeling to coding and metaverse integration. If you  want to tier with a web3 development team,  please get in touch and let's schedule a meeting.

It’s all about  Values


The cornerstone of our ethos, which reflects the distinguished legacy of Sir Kenny, about moral principles and delivering quality.


This value embodies a commitment to forward-thinking strategies and to explore uncharted territories.


A fundamental value reflecting our commitment to fostering strong, meaningful partnerships across various sectors. 

Infinite Possibilities Global structure innovative business and project finance solutions through partnerships with venture, equity, family offices, investment and debt funds.

Our Partners

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